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We provide your casual staffing needs from our dedicated pool of J1 Visitors.

Staff availabilty

We have a large ready & available list of possible staff for your casual staffing needs. We are positive you wont be disappointed.

Serving Various Location

We can provide and arrange staffing anywhere in the United States.
Contact us for further details on your specific location.

Your Employee Positions

Whatever the description and your position needs, we will have staff to fill that position. Give a call to discuss your needs.

Our Employers

We work with employers across the country providing impromptu casual staffing across all seasons and industries

J1 Staff

Using staff on J1 visas always means your hiring an enthusiastic, determined individuals that are grateful for the opportunity to work for your business

Need Advice

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us for a chat about your Employee needs


See some of the employers and the brands that we work with every day.